Friday, December 21, 2007

Classic Sock Monkey, for Nico

This sock monkey was made in the classic style (just a cap) for a very special little boy named Nico, my nephew. Nico was born on 7/7/07 (thus the number on his heart). He and his family have faced a lot of struggles just getting him born and keeping him strong (he has a hole in his little heart), but he is doing very well, and will have corrective surgery in the spring, and he is much beloved by his big sister and the rest of his family and extended family.

I'm hoping this monkey will get as many hugs as I'm sure he will give to Nico. And each one will be blessed with my own special prayer for Nico, which floats in his chest. I printed his prayer to the right here, with the monkey, as I am sure he wouldn't mind the publicity (being so young and nonverbal and all).

On a construction note: His eyes are my evolved attempt at baby-proofing. First I sewed 2 felt circles on where the eyes would go (lots and lots of little stitches to keep those babies on!) And then I glue-gunned the wiggly-eyes on to the felt. They seem to adhere so much better to the flat felt than the knit material of the sock. So, Nico will be my kid-tester to see if they are truly as little teeth proof as I believe. I'm sure his parents will closely supervise the consumer-product testing.


Karen said...

I would have used baby proof eyes that you can get for the safty of small children I have used them for little dogs that I have made

Janeen said...

Karen, please tell us more about these baby-proof eyes. What are they, how do you attach them and where do you get them? It is a great tip, and I want to know how to implement.

Susan Smith said...

I was interested in making a sock monkey and ran across your site....What a blessing to find Nico's little monkey. My Dad passed away on 7-7-7. I like to think that when one heart stops beating, another one begins. I pray that Nico's heart grows strong and healthy and beats for many decades to come.
Susan Smith