Saturday, January 9, 2010

Back after an extended absence...

Well, I happened to go in to the blog link and read some of the old posts. They made me feel happy. Sometime after that last post, I got too serious and lost some of my capacity for joy. BIG MISTAKE. That is so contrary to my personal goal in starting blogging and embarking on my Sock Monkey adventure. I wanted to wander and explore and drift through the trivial and the moment, rather than my usual tank armor rolling through obstacles and trying to change the world (or at least my immediate perimeter). Some sad things happened. Baby Nico, who I made a monkey for, died. I wonder if anyone remembers the old Suburbs song with the line, "Spring came. The baby died. There must be someone to blame." This is just a very hard part of life. I mourn Nico, but I especially am sad watching his parents and sister moving through their mourning. I am so helpless to ease anything of their burden. And yet, they have the grace, which I think they find in their faith, to keep moving and keep working.

And then one of my own sons has been battling this whole time through health problem after health problem. Again, I feel helpless. Though that hasn't stopped my husband and I from trying to Google our way into a medical degree (not that we're actually going for the degree; we just have the compulsive need to double-check and direct the doctors. As dysfunctional as that sounds, it has proved sadly necessary to helping our son. But that's another story).

And, well, I worked too hard and too long during this period at my work-work. There were some good results, and some learning, and some creativity. But rather than finding the creative/playful side while working, I turned a lot of essentially creative work into a chore.

So, there you have it. I have used this serindipitous (spelling?) moment to renew my committment to continuing on the sock monkey journey. I actually had 3 more fun projects I did after I stopped blogging, so my first task will be to blog about each of those. But before then, I need to finish some responsibilities and obligations still left on my big plate of OverWhelmDuJour. Just writing this is giving me the strength to get through those and look forward to future sock monkey-making adventures!


Anonymous said...

Good luck to you.

mhoney said...

Hi Janeen, I like your sock monkeys and it sounds like your life was scary and hectic last year, your last post. I have no idea if you will see this but I wanted to ask about the red heel on the fox river rockford socks. I bought a sock money kit at JoAnn and the red heel in the sock is sewn in, not part of the knitted sock. Can you tell me if this is true for the socks you use from Fox river? I cannot tell from their website, the pictures aren't big enough to determine this.

I hope your life has smoothed out a bit.

Janeen said...

Hi! I did get your comment; thank you! It looks like I am not able to reply to you directly as your profile is not shared? Anyway, I hope you get this somehow.

The Rockford Red Heel sock is knit all as one piece, not sewn in. I haven't seen what Jo Ann Fabrics has to offer, but it sounds a little hokey from your description. I would encourage you to get the actual socks. They do come with their own instructions for making a monkey right on the packaging. Also, Fox River does sell complete kits on their website too. If you don't like to order online, you can use the store locator from the sock page to find a store near you that sells them. Not a lot of stores carry them, unfortunately.

Finally, I have a lot of unused socks lying around from past ambitious ideas of making lots of monkeys. If you want to send me your address, I'll mail you a pair. You could email it privately if you like at so it doesn't appear on the blog.

Is this going to be your first monkey? Tell me more about what you're up to. Would love to hear and get a picture of the finished product.

monkey toy said...

Can you tell me if this is true for the socks you use from Fox river? I cannot tell from their website, the pictures aren't big enough to determine this.